On top of providing you with creative/professional shared workspace we also have luxury loft style apartments for rent! Each unit has been completely gutted and renovated uniquely using different materials, textures, appliances and aesthetics to give you a true one of a kind experience. Currently both units are rented but please email us to be put on the waiting list.  






Work is the foundation of bringing any idea to manifestation and this is why we wanted to create a work environment that can truly serve as a catalyst for bringing visions to reality! Our shared workspace offer personal desk space, personal wall space, WIFI and group seating for working together as a collective.







Let's face it, artist need to be able to get down and dirty when they want to! And we have the raw creative space just for that. In our lower level basement area we left the concrete floors and a separate entrance to street level so you can get messy and easily transport materials without interfering with the shared workspace area.






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